About Us

Hello everyone (^-^)/. Welcome to our Website called ComputeeZA. It’s basically a site based on anything computer related (with our website update we’ve moved into the direction of all things tech).

Well, we’ve always had this passion for computers (PC if you are like us) ever since we first laid our eyes on the inner workings of a computer.

From the delicate yet powerful hardware to the intricate software and firmware, all which play a crucial part in the functioning of a computer, all of it intrigues us and there’s just something about it that we find alluring.

Due to this allure that a computer has (We so badly wanted to use the word PC here) We’ve been drawn to computers and anything concerning them which is how we’ve acquired a tiny bit of wisdom on them (We say a tiny bit because there is a lot to know about computers).

I, @Shay, want to use this tiny bit of wisdom to help people where computers are concerned, so that everyone would not feel as lost or alone as we were when we first started learning about computers.

Just A Little More Info About Our Life Around Computers

As we started using computers or observed someone using one, we always found that computers can be pretty complex things.

And seeing as we were just kids at the time it looked like there were way too many things to understand but it still pulled us closer, causing us dismantle, inspect and put them back together and even upgrade them if we could.

We always found it exciting for some reason to take apart a computer and put the pieces back, almost as if it was a childrens puzzle. Trying to figure out how a busted computer could be fixed made us feel a little like detectives when we were kids and when it was software related, we’d do the same, try to find a solution.

Luckily the internet was never far.

Just being able to fix PCs (upgrading them too) is something that makes us happy and being able to see them work and run smoothly fills us with happiness.

However, it’s not always easy to find the problem with computers which is why so many people stray away from them but there’s always a way to fix something, you just need to analyze it and think of different ways to come up with a solution to the problem.

Computers could be complex or simple

Helping people is a good deed on its own, however helping people where PCs are concerned just makes us feel a whole lot better.

There are so many people who need help or do not know what to do when they encounter a problem with their computers, and sometimes that single problem causes them to lose their love for their computer (maybe, maybe not)

We for one do not want this to happen, we want any and every person to use their computer with ease, without struggle, we want to help them however we can, whether we can help with a simple thing such as software installation or with a more involved hardware install or parts upgrade.

Wanting to make computers easy to fix and use is our ideal goal.

Being Able to Use That Beauty Is A Blessing

No point in leaving a perfect, genuine computer what may be only missing a hard drive or SATA cable to gather dust.

Who knows maybe you’ll enjoy working or playing on your computer whether it might be new and store bought or old and crusty.

As long as we are able to help you with computers, we will, just so we can enjoy the smile on your face when you’re reaching 60 frames per second or more on your next gen game or even typing out an essay on word. It’s all worth giving a helping hand for, who knows maybe you’ll be the one helping us out next time.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below our blog and we will be more than happy to help.

All the best,


Founder of ComputeeZA