Four Different Ways To Connect To The Internet

Oh! Hi there, it’s @Aly! Need to connect to the internet and don’t know how? You’re in the right place. There are various ways to gain internet connection, but to save your time I will only be touching on Four ways to connect to the internet. Connectivity in our World These days, us as Humans … Read more

Different RAM Types And Their Differences.

RAM and its modules. The memory of the computer. If the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about RAM is; ‘Does it make a funny sound?’ then that’s the wrong type of ram that you’re thinking about, my friend. The RAM in computers are totally different because they’re the things that store data … Read more

What Are The Different Keyboard Types And Their Uses.

Close-up of a laptop keyboard with light from the screen shining over it.

Hi.. hello.. Hi. @Aly here and right now we’re going to talk about the Keyboard. They are the second most important (if not most important) tool used in the computer world. There are more than just one type of keyboard and you’re probably wondering how many types exist and if there is a difference between … Read more