Fortnite Review. A battle royale with twists and turns.

Fortnite was released on 25 July 2017 and with its Battle Royale mode released on 26 September 2017 it has been going strong ever since.

The game has seen its fair share of success and seems to continuously grow its fanbase as days pass. At the time of writing this post in October 2021 the game has continued all the way to Season 8.

If you are unaware of what Fortnite is then I’m glad you’re reading this post. It is an online shooter – survival game that offers several game modes such as Battle Royale mode in which up to a 100 players tough it out against each other, Save the World mode with zombies and tower defense-like gameplay and Creative mode where players create and play in arenas/ worlds /stages in a sandbox environment.

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What does Fortnite have to offer?

Building, shooting and then some.

If you have watched a few videos on YouTube you may have seen that most players, if not all, make use of the building & editing feature that the game has.

With it you could build objects out of nothing, scale usually unscalable landmarks, set traps for your enemies and even make use of what you have built for defense in those tight situations when your health is low and you need a quick pick me up.

But building does not only shield you so that you can heal up, it also gives you the higher ground when trying to snipe a enemy and trust me it does help.

*Oh, if you’re new to building and want to try it out or just want to get a little better check out this video by the Youtuber “itsJerian.”

Don’t forget though that all the structures you create need materials. That brings me to talk about the next topic.

Supplies, materials and the like.

As soon as you jump off the floating bus in the sky… um, why is that a thing? My bad let’s get to talking about mining/ foraging/collecting supplies…

As soon as you land you will quickly find yourself searching for your next weapon, med kit, shield potion, materials and more. Without taking note of your supplies you may find yourself in a pickle when you’re trying to run away from the storm.

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A storm that is willing to kill you if your enemies are not.

Yes, you heard right, a Storm. The Storm seeks to constantly crush you while your enemies seek the same. If caught in the Storm your health is stripped slowly but surely. As you can see in the image above the storm is kicking my butt while I try to revive my fallen comrade.

This purple haze completely ignores your shield and would start to deplete more and more as the storm circle gets smaller and smaller making things even more juicy. With a smaller circle you’ll find out your enemies are closer as well. As if the impending doom that the circle brings wasn’t enough, there are also wolves and other enemies seeking to level up your lovely battle royale too.

Get those supplies while you can. Fortnite is unforgiving.

So with all that said there are plenty of things that want to kill you, I mean make the game more fun and spicy. So not gathering as much supplies as possible would put you at a disadvantage when it comes to building and healing yourself. But not so much at a disadvantage that you would focus all your time on gathering materials and supplies.

Remember, the storm she is acoming. He or she, I don’t know. I never got that friendly with the storm to ask because I always ended up running away from it.

Fortnite also has a ton of skins, accessories (and dance moves?) for you to choose from.

No, the skins are not actual skin. *Facepalm.* They are actually new characters or just a new look for you to don when you get tired of the generic and random character skins given to you at the start of your Fortnite experience.

And the cool thing about the skins are that there are new ones each season. But if you lose the chance to get them then and there you might not get them again but I’m not so sure on that one myself yet.

In Season 8 I have seen the infamous symbiote Carnage. And have seen quite a few other skins from different seasons such as Ariana Grande and Superman so get those skins while you can because you may not get a chance like that again.

Be warned though for some of these skins you may have to purchase a battle pass to do so. And if you’re wondering what a battle pass is, well, it’s basically a way for you to get Vbucks and all the goodies the game has to offer.

You’ll get about 1200 Vbucks which is Fortnite’s in game currency and you’ll get a chance to get certain skins and accessories that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Don’t forget there are dance moves.

I finally get to talk about the dance moves or emotes as it’s called in game. Emotes are a fun way to communicate with other player characters and certainly look fun as well. You may have seen Fortnite dances making its way all over social media, no matter how, uh, noteworthy they are. Just like the skins and accessories, some of the emotes would be easily recognizable, some famous, some infamous.

The game changes quite often in more ways then one

As mentioned if you don’t get those goodies while you can you might not get them again. New skins, emotes and accessories are just a part of the games changes in each season. For instance with each season there’s another part of the story/ cinematic experience that is added. And when the story and season changes so does the map.

The changes may be a whole new spaceship crashing into the island or new never before seen enemies trying to kill you alongside everything else. New weapons specific to each season also might arrive, that with new skins too. Again Fortnite is ever-changing/ ever-expanding which does add a sense of thrill when something unexpected happens.

There’s also Creative mode, that may even be more fun and sometimes more annoying than battle royale mode.

So for those of you who think it might be mundane to play the same game over and over, think again.

If battle royale mode gets tedious then you’re always more than welcome to try the stages in Creative mode. These arenas, stages or whatever you want to call them are created by gamers such as you and I.

Some could be quite fun and some of them are extremely hard. Take truck pursuit for instance, my friends and I have been playing it for quite some time. It’s become a sort of ritual for us to end our gaming session with truck pursuit mode at this point.

Here’s a video below of me playing Truck Pursuit in Creative mode.

Me playing Truck Pursuit in Fortnite

But truck pursuit is only one of the stages in creative mode, there’s a plethora of them.

Imposter Mode, one of my favorites.

There’s imposter mode which is almost like among us but it’s a bit fast paced and you could only pick answers from a set of quick replies which makes it more difficult to defend yourself.

I’m not quite sure how the stages work in creative mode as I’m still figuring them out myself. Do the stages stay there or disappear? I just know that they’re so much fun. Oh and there are also options to support your favorite creators there which is kind of nice to know. I mean they have put in the time and effort for us to play and have some fun. So that’s appreciated.

Over all with all the goodies Fortnite is a fun game to play.

So with that all said, the game is fun, the modes are ever-expanding and ever-changing and as for the dances well some are more interesting than others. Overall Fortnite seems to remain a fun game to play.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you think I’ve missed anything please feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you could receive a whenever I release new posts.

Thanks for reading. (^-^)/


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