Four Different Ways to Connect to the Internet

Oh! Hi there, it’s @Aly! Need to connect to the internet and don’t know how? You’re in the right place.

There are various ways to gain internet connection, but to save your time I will only be touching on Four ways to connect to the internet.

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Connectivity in our World

These days, us as Humans depend on the internet. Whether it be for work purposes, gaming, love life, schooling, reasons that won’t be mentioned and even boredom… We NEED the internet.

Personally, the internet is important to me because of who I am and what I do. No… I’m not a business woman.

I am a Fangirl. A girl who NEEDS her favorite band/ artists latest album and someone who NEEDS to watch their Live streams on YouTube or Instagram.

Now… Enough about me and my obsession. Here are the some of the most popular ways you can connect to the internet. Shall we begin?

Internet Connectivity via Bluetooth

Bluetooth… One of the many wireless forms of technology that is used for exchanging data between mobile devices. This can also be used in a way to share your phones Internet connection with another mobile device, PC and or Laptop. (Known as Bluetooth Tethering in Android Devices.)

A basic explanation is that you’re using your Bluetooth – enabled cell phone as a modem for internet access on another device. If that device does not have Bluetooth capabilities (as most desktop devices do not have), you could use a Bluetooth Receiver or Bluetooth Dongle to give your device that such ability.

Bluetooth Dongle/ Receiver

Internet Connectivity via Ethernet Cable

With the Ethernet Ports you’ll see that it will only work via Cable connection. (Non- Wireless)

This is a Cable connection between two or more devices an example would be to connect your PC to a Router. You’ll see that you can connect to Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) this way. Ethernet Cables are a traditional way to connect devices to the internet.

The best part about Ethernet Connection is how fast it is, generally it is faster than wireless connections (most of the time). There is no interference with radio frequencies due to the fact that it’s, well… Wired.

The downside is that the cables can have wear and tear on them over time and some cables are better at transmitting data than others for instance Cat 6 Ethernet Cables have a Max Transmission Speed of 1,000Mbps/ 1Gbps while Cat 5 Ethernet Cables only have a Max Transmission Speed of 10/ 100Mbps.

Internet Connectivity via USB Dongle

USB Dongle

This little guy connects itself to your Laptop and PC. It provides your device with internet access (using mobile data). This was one of the most popular ways to connect to the internet, while you’re On- the- Go and not in the comfort of your own Wi-Fi infested home…

How fast is a dongle?

Some devices are seen to give off a download speed of up to 1000mbps (there’s way faster speeds out there trust me) but then again it all depends on the device and external sources too such as network coverage, network providers and more.

Wi-Fi Receiver/ Adapter

Wi-Fi Receiver

Similar to the USB Dongle but different in terms of what it gives your device, with the Wi-Fi Receiver/Adapter you’ll be giving a device the ability to connect to Wi-Fi sources and that’s about it, nothing more, nothing less. It is kind of pointless if your device already has the ability like most modern Laptops/Devices do.

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