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At this point in time, you must have heard of Genshin Impact at least once, I mean it’s all over social media at this point. Whether it’s TikTok or YouTube, no one can escape Genshin Impact. And there’s clearly a reason as to why this game is being played all over. This is the reason why I am writing this Genshin Impact Review.

What’s the reason? Okay, fine I’ll tell you, curious one.

It’s a game that pulls you in. Why you might be asking? Well, that’s because of:

Waifus, I mean, the characters, the RPGness… yes, the RPGness, the everexpanding world, lore and so much more… oh, yeah, don’t forget about the wishing, so much wishing, oh the pain, I mean the fun.

So for actual information about the game, Genshin Impact is a game made by the otaku company MiHoYo (which I’m grateful exists), it’s free to play and has online multiplayer/ co-op capabilities as well, it’s similar to the Legend of Zelda with its RPG elements, it’s continuously growing with both its fanbase and content and it has a wishing system. What more do you need?

The game is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, iOS, if you are wondering.

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As for the story of Genshin Impact

The game starts off with you and your twin fighting off a mysterious Goddess.

As you fly about, fighting in a spectacular fashion, the Goddess captures both you and your twin. Once captured, the cutscene pauses to allow you to choose which of the twins you would want to play with. One of them being named Aether (Male) and the other Lumine (Female).

Till this day, however, I haven’t found a reason as to why you’d be distraught between choosing one over the other because the gameplay kind of remains the same either way. The only difference might be the way the characters address you in game. Oh, your appearance and audio of your character would also be different, so there’s that.

So on to the rest of the story.

Once you have chosen your character, you would then be teleported into the mysterious lands of Teyvat.

Which by the way is huge and just keeps growing since Genshin keeps on keeping on with updates. Look at the image above and see how ginormous the map is. Here’s the fun part, that’s only a small piece of it.

Once in Teyvat you come across this really adorable little being called Paimon, who will be your guide and occasional target for the famous Emergency Food‘ joke. Paimon tends to be really helpful at times and also provides quite a few quips that makes playing through Teyvat even more fun. Honestly, without Paimon the game would just not be the same.

The main mission of the game is to find your long-lost sibling. On the way, you will come across quite an array of characters, ranging from quirky to godlike and more. Some characters help you; some try to kill you but all in all they are quite unique and rememberable.

Now, let’s talk about acquiring new characters. And let me just be honest quick, I rarely play as the main character, I mean at the beginning I did but as I acquired more characters it all went downhill, or uphill I might say as I started getting acquainted with the new characters and their abilities.

I have to say Qiqi’s (pronounced Chichi) healing has kept me alive in the most crucial times and Beidou, wow, she can counter anything.

Now, let’s get familiar with wishing.

With wishing/ summoning you get new characters/ weapons and with each summon there are stars. The stars indicate how rare and amazing each character and weapon is.

Some 5-star characters, if not all, are extremely OP (overpowered) by the way. That is IF you get them and IF you equip the right artifacts/ weapons on them. And IF you level up their talents and constellation. Oh, AND IF you continue to level up and ascend them. I know it’s a lot of effort and a lot of ‘IFs‘ but it’ll be worth it, trust me.

I’ll explain artifacts and the rest in more detail after we get the wishing system out of the way.

So, the game consists of a Gacha system.

But summoning through this “Gachasystem has more to it. To wish for things you either would need Primogems or Intertwined/ Acquaint Fates. Primogems are easier to come by, while Acquaint and Intertwined Fates are rarer to acquire. With it you could wish for one character through the games banners.

Banners consist of whichever characters and weapons are displayed on it but the chances of getting them are another story on its own.

You would see a Weapon Banner, Character Event Banner and Permanent Banner most of the time. In the picture far above there were two Character Event Banners.

Oh, before I go on, one Intertwined/ Acquaint Fate or 160 Primogems equals one wish or one summon for whatever banner you’re summoning on.

And now onto artifacts/ weapons and such.

Artifacts are items that you can equip in Genshin Impact and they add special attributes to your character such as crit rate, crit dmg, hp bonuses and more.

Each character can equip about five artifacts.

The further you upgrade your artifact the higher the bonus each artifact gives you.

Each artifact has its main attribute and a few side attributes along with it. When upgrading, the artifact might add another bonus to its stat or it may just upgrade the current stats available on the artifact.

Side stats may or may not get upgraded but the main stat will upgrade each time you level up the artifact.

To upgrade an artifact, it uses or consumes artifacts you currently have in your inventory. Just be careful when auto selecting.

Each artifact is different and has different individual bonuses but not only that. If they’re equipped in sets you could get an even bigger bonus to your stats. So, ones in a set tend to make things even better.

For instance, if you equip two artifacts of the same kind you would get a bonus. But if you equip four artifacts of the same kind you would get an even bigger bonus.

Oh, artifacts are also categorized on their rarity or tiers as well.

They are as follows:

  • 1-Star: Grey
  • 2-Star: Green
  • 3-Star: Blue
  • 4-Star: Purple
  • 5-Star: Gold

The more stars the artifact has, the rarer it is. The same applies for weapons and characters too. To acquire these artifacts there are a few if not a lot of ways to get them. You could, complete missions, domains, open treasure chests and more.

Lastly, Talents and Constellations.

Talents are special attributes that are upgradeable and are specific to each character with there being two types of talents.

Passive and Combat.

Passive talents have variable bonuses that are different with each character.

This could mean cooking bonuses or crafting bonuses for your party. Again, this all depends on the character. But the good thing about this is that once you have acquired the character their passive talent will remain with you whether you have them in your party or not.

Most characters have three Passive talents and are different for each character. Some passive talents will be there nonetheless whether you have the character equipped or not.

Like with Beidou who decreases swimming stamina consumption in your party by 20%.

Passive talents such as those do help quite a bit.

Other passive talents might help that specific character instead so not all talents help the entire party, well, technically it would since you’re playing with all of them but I digress.

They also have three Combat talents which are the Normal attack, Elemental skill and Elemental burst.

By upgrading Combat Talents, you could increase your physical attack damage done with your character combos, increase elemental attack damage or more depending on the character.

And some have a fourth combat talent.

Oh, a quick explanation for constellations. They are upgrades for your characters individual skills. And to upgrade their constellation you would need to acquire the same character again in a summon then select which constellation to upgrade. For the main character you would need to acquire individual items for each of his element type since he has more than one.

With weapons in Genshin Impact…

Weapons also have a star system in Genshin. Similarly, to characters and artifacts, the more stars the weapon has, the rarer it is. But with weapons, not only could you acquire them randomly by opening chests and doing missions, you could also summon them on one of the banners in game.

With weapons, however, there is more to it than just upgrading.

The weapon itself might give you a special attribute such as allowing your cooldown to take less time or allowing you to acquire a shield, or to stack damage.

These attributes themselves can be upgraded by refining the weapon with another weapon just like it. And by just like it, I mean the weapon has to be the same. For example, if you would want to refine a Sacrificial Greatsword, you would need another Sacrificial Greatsword.

This may sound like a mission which it is but it boosts the weapons special attribute which makes it worth it.

So, if you have a weapon which has a 30% chance to generate a cooldown and you refine it, the percentage then might go up to 40%.

Other than that, weapons can also be ascended like characters could if you have the materials.

Oh, and ascension means that your weapon can go over the level cap/ limit that it has in that phase. If a weapon could only go to level 20, once you ascend it, it would then be able to go to level 40, 60 and so on.

The same rule applies for characters in game with their ascension.

Quick advice for Genshin Impact.

My advice would be to farm or more accurately, randomly collect everything.

You might need it.

But try to stick to upgrading one character you like with all their artifacts and their best weapons and just use the other characters as support. This will help you max out a character faster and for me personally I barely use more than one character when I’m fighting in game.

Besides upgrading, characters, artifacts, weapons, elemental reactions are something that I would say is just as important as the rest, so let’s talk about that.

Combat in game.

In Genshin Impact, combat is kind of simple, maybe even repetitive but it doesn’t really feel that way, what with all the different characters, enemies, elemental reactions and so on and so on.

Fighting consists of simple attacks such as Normal combos, Charged hits, Plunging attacks, Elemental skills and Elemental burst.

Even though I say simple there is something that makes the combat more complex in a way and that is Elemental reactions. Elemental reactions allow you to chain two elements together. By doing this it increases damage done to the enemies affected.

For instance, by chaining Pyro and Electro it causes the ‘Overloaded reaction to happen. This causes AoE (Area of Effect) damage and knocks back enemies. Oh, it also destroys objects in the surrounding area.

So, using elemental reactions does help quite a bit in combat and I think it adds a little more pizazz to the combat. Plus, it has saved me quite a few times in game.

Events, quests and commissions.

So, let’s talk about the limited time events first.

These are events that are, well, time limited, as you could guess by the name.

The cool thing about these events is that they provide you with specific items that you might be able to only get then and there. And they also provide you with a few Primogems on occasion. The events might provide you with cutscenes that you wouldn’t see anywhere else too.

Normal quests in Genshin such as Archon quests, Story quests and Side quests all provide a certain allure to it, however, don’t get me wrong. Just because I used the word ‘allure‘ doesn’t mean all these quests are amazing.

Some of these quests can be quite tedious, sending you all the way to hell and back. Okay, that might be just an exaggeration but some quests are a real drag. And some are just simply awesome.

Commissions on the other hand are four quests that are there each day and when you complete all four quests you would get a bigger reward at the Adventurers Guild.

So, make sure to complete them and collect your rewards daily.

Most, if not all of these quests give you something that you might need, Primogems, level up materials and more. So doing them sooner than later might benefit you further down the line.

And the rest of the information concerning leveling up which I almost forgot to mention.

Okay, let’s make this quick because this post is getting quite lengthy.

  • Level up materials are items you acquire through quests, domains and exploring. These could be materials that level up your talents, your weapons, characters, etc.
  • Ascension gives you stat boosts and allow you to level up your character even further. The materials that you acquire and gather throughout Teyvat is what you’ll need to ascend both characters and weapons.
  • You can get experience for both your characters and adventure rank. An adventure rank is highly important and would allow you to progress further in the game, whether it be allowing you to play through certain quests, allowing you to play co-op or allowing you to upgrade certain items and characters even further. So, an adventure rank is quite an important thing to take note of.

More to know about adventure rank.

In Genshin Impact your adventure rank is quite important, as I’ve said above. Not only could it allow you to access more features of the game it could also alter your world level. What’s the world level you may ask?

Well, it basically determines how powerful enemies are in your world. So, a higher world level equals stronger enemies. Not only that but you might not be able to join your friend’s world if their world level is too high.

There is something sweet to come with a higher adventure rank and higher world level though. It would mean the items dropped are of a higher level and domains themselves would give you better materials and artifacts too.

One last thing, Domains, Genshin Impact has Domains.

Man, this post is a whole lot of jumbled topics, isn’t it? I hope you look past that because we’re almost done. Lastly on the list is domains.

Domains are dungeon-like areas or arenas that allow you to acquire talent level up materials, artifacts and weapon ascension materials.

Some domains, however, would spit out certain artifacts and materials at certain times, so make sure you take note of that.

Similarly to dungeons there are also boss fights which give you items as well. And again, the higher your world level, the stronger the boss. But with the boss being stronger also comes rarer items.

Oh, another last thing, the games Co-op. Let’s talk about how it allows you to meet new people online.

So, if a boss is heckling you with its strength or if you just feel lonely in game, which is highly unlikely, then you could combat that loneliness by playing with friends. But as I’ve said make sure your world level isn’t too high or too low.

Well, make sure the world you’re joining isn’t too high or just level up your world level so you can join, or let your friend join you instead, if theirs is too high. There are so many “ORs” in that sentence, yeesh.

But if your friends are busy, fret not, there are plenty of people playing Genshin Impact and are online at the same time as you are.

So, prepare to meet new people.

Just make sure to be polite and ask them if you can take their resources if that’s the reason you’re joining their world in the first place. Nobody wants to be THAT person, don’t be that person, a mean Ol’ mean person.

No meanies, please.

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All in all, Genshin Impact has a world that is just amazing.

Okay, so the game has a lot going on for it and it just keeps expanding. It is amazing and what I really like about it is that the game remains constant with its world and lore, even the characters have this certain consistency about them.

Let me give you an example.

With characters from all backgrounds in Teyvat, some from Liyue, some from Mondstadt and some from Inazuma, never once will you feel that a character doesn’t belong there, unless they are from a different city of course.

Well, not belonging there sounds kind of wrong, so let’s change that. They look quite unique and different to all the other citizens of that city. That sounds a bit wrong too but I’ll take it for now. Okay, maybe just read further before I end up with a lawsuit.

All characters are named accordingly and even dress according to each piece of city they are from. You would notice instantly if a character was from Liyue by their dress code and the way they speak even, oh, don’t even forget that another big giveaway are their names.

Take the names Jean and Lisa for instance, you would instantly know they are from Mondstadt.

While Xiangling and Zhongli are from Liyue.

And Kazuya and Kujou Sara are from Inazuma.

See what I mean?

But not only that, each individual place has its own vibe and I really dig that.

Even the cuisine is different.

Oh, have I mentioned you can cook in Genshin too? It replenishes health or adds food buffs such as a percentage of crit rate, resistance, or increased attack, the game has so many different things to do.

And that’s it, Genshin Impact is a great game, what more can I say?

Before I go on even further let’s stop right there. All in all, it’s a wonderful game that I enjoy playing. I enjoy the unique characters and trust me all of them will leave a place in your heart. I enjoy the gameplay, the graphics, the grind and yes, even the wishing that tugs my heart so.

If anything, I would give this game a 9 out of 10, the missing 1 is solely because summoning/ wishing hurts me so, oh and sometimes the dialogue or rather the text that I have to read is unnecessarily long for side quests. I am usually the type to read through everything and I mean everything but in Genshin, somehow, I ended up skipping through everything and that’s saying something.

Other than that, it is a satisfying game that I could see myself playing for quite some time, I really hope the content of the game runs far into the future and I hope that the world keeps expanding, getting bigger and bigger.

MiHoYo is also currently working on another game called Honkai Star Rail, so make sure to check that out. It’s taking a new direction with turn-based gameplay in that game, so we’ll have to see how that goes. But let’s hope to see another masterpiece, MiHoYo doesn’t disappoint after all.

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