God Of War 2018 Review. (What a game!)

Let me just start with a wowjust wow. This installment featuring The Ghost of Sparta and his son has completely blown me away. In fact, it had such an impact on me that I suddenly felt the urge to write about it. Even creating a Game Review Category on this very site. This God of War 2018 Review is me singing this utter masterpiece of a games praises.

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God OF WAR 2018 Review

Out of all the God of War games this has to be my favorite and why wouldn’t it be? It is a downright beautiful game. From its stunning graphics showcasing the beautiful Norse Realms. Its compelling story involving father and son learning about one another, finding out more about Norse Mythology and the gods themselves. The long hours of juicy gameplay (let’s say a full 24 hours). The amazing God of War soundtrack. The enemies, Draugr, Norse Gods, Tatzelwurms, Soul Eaters, Dragons… I could go on and on. But there is only so much I can talk about even though I love this game in all its might.

The Norse World

Let’s talk about its Norse world.

Yes, you heard it. Norse. Not Greek. Norse. Even I was a bit skeptical at first. How could a Greek God find his way to the Norse world and make it look good.

Why, what and really?

I found myself riddled with questions and doubt but that was soon overcome by curiosity as my eyes saw Midgard.

I was amazed at how beautiful the games world was.

It was simply stunning and the more I played the more I started to enjoy this whole idea of Kratos no longer being in Greek lands.

The Norse environment was a fresh breath of air, cold air to be exact.

And there was so much to explore including other realms such as Niflheim, Jotenheim, Muspelheim, Alfheim and more.

The games open-world environment saw me travelling from place to place using every travelling mechanism and vehicle I could find. And most of the time I would be using a boat listening to Kratos‘ attempts at story telling.

You would come to meet all kinds of new sides to this story including a whole new side to Kratos as well.

Was it his new home that brought upon such changes or his past? Maybe both. Everything in this world is completely different from the rest of the God of War games and it’s not just the scenery.

The story is quite different.

As I’ve said it’s not just the setting of the game that’s changed. The story and even the characters have changed. In this God of War, we won’t see the enraged Kratos killing everything in his path because he has daddy issues.


We see Kratos in a more matured, calmer state. Instead of running towards a fight, Kratos would rather choose to avoid a fight even when an enemy *ahem* Baldur punches him directly in the face. He only fights to survive like he says to his son Atreus.

In spite of wanting to just survive and deliver his wife’s ashes to the highest point in the realm we see Kratos battling quite often due to so many creatures including the Norse gods trying to kill him.

The main point of the game is to bring the ashes of Kratos’ late wife to the highest point. As I’ve said earlier on. Even though the task sounds dull it quickly takes a turn for the worst once Baldur, son of Odin, comes looking for them.

Kratos who was first a bit hesitant to take his son along the journey soon sees himself in a worried state. And this worry forces him to make the decision to set out on their task. No matter how menial it may seem.

Okay let’s change menial to dangerous.

The Enemies

On the path that they travel, they would see as Kratos says in his deep voice: “All manner of creature.”

And those creatures sure are out for blood.

Whether it be a personal matter or just a whim to kill. The creatures you see in this one are not your ordinary god of war demons. Instead, there’s Revenants, Tatzelwurms, Dragons, Travellers, Valkyries and the like.

Different they may be but the Greek God of War knows how to deal with them all the same.

The RPG Elements

Watch the video below ONLY if you want to know what weapons you’ll be getting, otherwise just skip it, it’s kind of a spoiler.

The game also has a more RPG-like feel from the rest.

There are way more things to upgrade.

From special runes to equip on your weapons to runic attacks that could give you an edge in battle.

And trust me it does help.

I would have died countless times in the game if it weren’t for the runic attacks that I had equipped. Those too are upgradeable if you’re wondering.

You also may find that you wouldn’t have as many weapons like previous installments. But to be honest, I was not even bothered by it in the least.

The weapons available are the Leviathan Axe which returns like Thors hammer. It’s flipping awesome by the way. A reappearance of the Blades of …… (Yeah, you’ll have to figure that out) and the Guardian Shield. Oh, and the boys’ bow and arrows.

Sounds like it may be boring with only four weapons, doesn’t it?

That’s IF you consider the shield as a weapon instead of an item too.

But trust me those four weapons are all you’ll need and want. The Spartan Rage is another addition which could turn the tides in the most health draining situations.

The Skills of the God of War

Kratos has more skills in this game and no I’m not referring to his monster/God killing skills.

I’m referring to actual skills.

You have a skill tree for each weapon which allows you to up your killing game. Now in all honesty, even though I bought all of the skills. I found myself not actually making use of them.

Although when it came to his son Atreus, it was a different story. The boys’ skills came in quite handy. He has quite a few skills that could help you out in a pinch. Take his skill to distract your enemies for instance. It comes in real handy when you’re battling quite a few enemies and have no legroom.

Other skills of his include increasing stun damage and chaining the shots to more enemies. Trust in this, handy it is young padawan. The boy also has runic attacks of which only one could be equipped at a time.

My favorite pick was the wolf runic attack. It summoned a wolf or two to daze your enemies and have them not knowing which side is hitting them.

Armour befitting a God of War

Oh, I almost forgot something that I have not seen in the previous games. You have armor which you can upgrade and change.

This changes both Kratos’ appearance and stats. Some of the armor pieces look entirely sick. Like they were made for a God of War. And others look like they wouldn’t stop a single arrow from letting you take a hit to the knee (Is that meme still alive?).

However the armor pieces may look, it’s clear that they are a muchneeded addition to the game. Bringing you either an increase to your defense, vitality, runic, luck or cooldown stats.

Without them I probably would’ve been dead three times over. Oh, the pieces are also divided into three sections, a chest piece, waist piece and wrist pieces.

Resurrection and Enchantment Stones are now a thing

Besides armor there are resurrection stones which could bring you back from the dead. But only one could be equipped at a time.

Why would the God of War need to be resurrected, you may be asking yourself?

It’s because he tends to get killed a lot and we don’t like the loading times when retrying (-_-)/. Nah, I’m just kidding. But seriously I died a lot in this game especially as I began my first walkthrough on the ‘Give me a challenge’ difficulty.

Enchantments however are completely different and add stat bonuses. And the best part is you can have multiple enchantments equipped depending on the number of slots available.

The Good of God of war

A quick look at its strong points would probably be its stunning graphics, fastpaced combat that could kill you in a second if you’re not paying attention, the filmlike scenes, the serious yet sometimes witty dialogue (Kratos even cracks a joke, just one), the mystery of the story and its RPG-driven gameplay along with its weapons, armor, enchantments, etc. There are probably more but I’d struggle to name them all. The game has ALOT of good points.

The Bad of God of War

A quick look at it weak points, well not weak but I think that it needed just a little improvement, just maybe. For me and it’s most likely just me but the dialogue and audio seemed to freeze or cut out at the worst of times.

It could have been anything although I have tried a few fixes. Like deleting the games file and reinstalling it, downloading updates. I even went through the trouble to Rebuild the PS4 Database but to no avail.

Okay, granted it could just be my version of the game or my console as well as many other things so I’m not blaming the game but it took away from the experience of the game.

It ruined my experience a bit but I powered through and ended up enjoying the game either way.

Other things that bothered me was the late introduction of full travel between all of the Mystic gates or warp gates, as I call them.

At first you only get to use it to travel to Broks shop. Which helped a lot until my objective was pretty far off to a place I’ve already been to.

Now, I’ll admit because of this there were some upsides. Getting to see the games world in all its glory and hearing Kratos tell stories was a nice change of pace. But when I needed to acquire certain items or complete certain objectives it was certainly dragging in an aspect.

Are there any actual bad parts to this game?

I admit these weak points above are, well… weak. I haven’t really got bad things to say about this game. If I were just random, I’d probably say there wasn’t much oomph to the skills even though they helped from time to time.

The customization could have been a little bit better instead of giving only a three-piece armor set for Kratos and only one full set for the boy.

The 25-hour game length took a toll on me. Although, I’m not actually complaining about that.

The travelling became a bit tedious but I think that’s about it.

There’s a lot to talk about

The game itself is amazing and this post probably does not do it justice. It is a masterpiece of a game and there is more to it. Way more to it then the things I mention above. So… go on and play the game. What are you waiting for?

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