How to change what the Power Button does in Windows

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The power button sees a lot of use on both desktops and laptops alike. But most of the time it’s used to Shut down Windows, if not all the time. It could do more than just shut down your Windows PC/Laptop though. It could also be used to put your device to sleep or put it in hibernation mode. To actually have it do that you’ll have to follow these simple steps though.

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Steps to change what the power button does in windows

Open your control panel using the ‘Win+Rkeys then type in ‘control.exe‘ into the ‘Runwindow and hit enter.

The control panel should pop up and in the control panel look for the power options. The easiest way to find it would be to type it into the search bar on the top right corner of the window.

Once there look for the ‘choose what the power buttons do‘ option.

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It should then show you two options.

One to change what the power button does and one to change what the sleep button does. To change it, click on the drop-down section of those options.

It should then list these options down below. Pick whichever one you would like and then click on ‘save changes‘ at the bottom of the window.

You have just finished the steps on how to change what your power button does on Windows! Congrats.

Hope this post helped. (^-^)/

Oh! Since we’re on the topic of the different states you can put your PC/Laptop with those power buttons. There is a post explaining what the difference between putting your system in sleep, hibernate or shut down mode is. And yes, there is an actual difference to each and some options save more power too.

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