How to hide boot menu options in Windows

Over time you may come to install certain software or even dual boot an Operating system alongside Windows. Yes, they may be useful depending on your needs but what happens when you want to get rid of them and some after effects are left once they’ve been uninstalled? Well, for one you could just read these steps below on how to hide boot menu options in Windows and once done be on your way. Or you could not, it’s up to you but for me it is quite bothersome to see those lingering bugs.

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How to hide boot menu options in Windows (Method 1)

*This doesn’t remove the files left by the software or operating system but what it does is prevent the boot selection menu from appearing when booting up.

  • Press the Win+R keys.
  • Once the ‘Run‘ window opens, type in ‘msconfig‘.
  • After the ‘system configuration‘ window opens head over to the boot tab.
  • After you’ve clicked on the boot tab/menu you’ll see the boot options
  • In which you will see the one you would want to delete.

*In my case it was the EaseUS Partition Master Windows PE option.

  • To get rid of it simply click the delete button…
  • And click apply.
  • After that a window should appear asking to restart your PC.
  • Click restart and once your PC boots up, the after effects of the software or operating system should be gone.

There is an alternative method and is listed down below.

How to hide the boot options (Method 2)

*This method basically does something similar as the method above.

  • Open your settings.
  • Depending on your Windows you would either have to go to Updates & Security or Windows Updates.
  • Then click on Advanced options > Recovery.
  • And the Restart now‘ option will be present either under or next to Advanced Startup. You’ll need to click this.
  • Once it restarts click Use another operating System > Change defaults.
  • Once there, you’ll want to set Windows as your Default Operating System and once you do that the boot manager screen would not appear.

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Again, this does not get rid of the software completely but what it does is basically prevent you from seeing it. It’s still there, so this method may be useful if you want to keep the other software but just not see it every time you boot up your PC.

If you would like to find out how to completely remove the boot options head over to the post on how to delete old boot menu options on the MakeUseOf website.

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