How To Make Your Mobile Battery Last Longer

With more and more devices seemingly increasing their demand for power/juice, it’s obvious that more people would want to make their mobile battery last longer. Actually, if you think about it, who wouldn’t want their phone to last longer? With so many things to do on the phone and so little battery life… it is a given that you’d be searching for tips.

Good news! You can find some of those tips here.

Use Battery Saver Mode

Well, If it isn’t the most obvious solution am I right? It’s weird, but most people including me would not use Battery Saver until the last bit of life is left in their batteries. The good thing is that you could actually use battery saver mode at any given time if you know that it’s going to be a long day and you need that extra juice.

If you are an Android user, just drag the notification tab down and you should see the battery saver mode or “Power Mode”. Just switch it on and you’re ready to go. You might also see that there’s a maximum power saving mode which alters your phones functionalities, such as; changing the Home screen layout or limiting the amount of apps you could use (as shown in the pic below) so that it could save much more power, but this might depend on the device you’re using too.

Maximum Power Saving Mode

If you’re an IOS user, you will need to turn on Low Power Mode.

To do that, go to your:


Screenshot taken by Riz on the iPhone 6s

Then scroll down to Battery.

Screenshot taken by Riz on the iPhone 6s

Once you are there, locate the Low Power mode from there. Now, all you need to do is activate it.

You’ll see there’s already a tip on brightness there too

You can also do this through your ‘Control Center‘. If you do, open Settings – Control Center – Customize Controls and then tap Low Power Mode. It will be added to your Control Center.

Turn Your Lights Down Low… I mean Brightness

This one should be a No Brainer. You might notice that once you turn your brightness down a bit, you’d see a difference in battery life. This one is simple to implement to make your mobile battery last longer. All you need to do is, once again, drag down the Notification tab and lower it to what you think might be the optimal setting for you.

Use Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a finger tap away

Not only is it easy on the eyes, Dark mode could also prolong the life of your battery by quite a bit. Some say it could save you as much as up to 30% of battery life or more. So if you’re ready to see your phones theme change Dark on Android then all you have to do is pull the notification tab down and activate it. Simple right?

On iPhone all you need to do is go to your settings then display and brightness then select “Dark” which will turn on Dark Mode.

You could also turn on Dark Mode from your Control Center.For this you’ll have to open your Control Center then touch and hold the brightness control then tap Dark Mode to enable it.

Switch To Using Wifi Instead Of Mobile Data

The reason for this would be that using your Wi-Fi tends to use less juice than using your mobile data. If you can’t use your Wi-Fi or don’t have access to Wi-Fi, that’s okay because changing your mobile data from 4g to 3g or even 2g could work too. That is if you don’t mind the lower internet speeds.

Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and Location Services

If you are not using Wi-Fi or if Wi-Fi is unavailable, it is better to turn it off on your phone to make your mobile battery last longer too. The reason for this is that your device would continuously search for a new connection. This in itself would drain some of your battery. The same goes for your Bluetooth and Location services.

When not in use try and disable them. To do this just drag down the Notification tab and disable it. As simple as that. This works for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location services as well.

Restrict background data usage

Most apps you use tend to run in the background to provide you with frequent notifications or updates. This is the main thing that drains the life out of your battery. Only if you feel that this is necessary you should rely on it because it would mean you’d have to enter an app to see your notifications.

On certain Android phones, you’ll need go through Settings > Connections > Data usage > Data saver and switch it on, but on others you usually just need to pull down the Notifications tab and activate it there.

Data Saver

On an iPhone, just go through Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off.

Disable Live widgets and wallpapers

Live Wallpapers and Widgets might make your phone look better, but would it be better for your battery? Since it demands constant activity from your phones processor and uses bright images to light up your device, it might take more battery life. This has been in a debate for quite some time and since technology in phones has advanced quite a bit it wouldn’t be surprising if Live Wallpapers and Widgets don’t consume much battery power anymore.

However, if you are still a believer that it does… then you’re more than free to do so. Removing widgets is quite simple and useful when making your mobile battery last longer. Just hold your finger on the widget and drag it to the edge of the screen or simply hold your finger on it and select “remove widget” or “remove from home”.

Removing a Widget is as simple as it looks

That’s all for now guys and gals. As always, I hope this post has helped you.

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