How to Scan for Viruses with Windows Security

Windows Security (formally known as Windows Defender) is a built-in Anti-virus program in Windows itself. To use this program is quite simple, but if you’re struggling to maneuver around it you can rely on this post for help. It does scan automatically for threats, but if for some reason you’d want to know how to do a manual scan for viruses with Windows security, I’ll leave the steps down below.

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How to Scan for Viruses with Windows Security.

  1. Open Windows Security by clicking on its icon through the taskbar:
  1. Then go to the Virus & Threat Protection on your left:
  1. Once there you’ll instantly see that the ‘Quick scan‘ option is there. Click that and it should perform, well… a quick scan.
  • And once it begins it should look something like this:

A quick scan will check where threats are commonly found like it says. What that means is that it’s much faster than normal scans since it does not scan everything on your computer.

If you’d like more options and suspect that your computer is still not “Virus-free” follow from Step 1 & 2 above. Follow the steps below when you’re done:

  • Select ‘more options’

After doing that, you will see all the nice options lying before you:

The first is the ‘Quick scan‘, which only scans certain folders and not your whole computer. This is the fastest option.

Second is the ‘Full scan‘, which scans your ENTIRE Computer. This might take quite a while so if you’re in a hurry for some reason choose a quick scan, but if you’re looking to be thorough choose a ‘Full scan’.

Third is a ‘Custom scan‘, which allows you to select the folders you want to be scanned.

Fourth is the ‘Offline scan‘, which restarts your computer and scans it outside of Windows. So, this is for that pesky malware that doesn’t want to leave your computer.

If you’re struggling to open it from the taskbar… these methods should help you:

  • Right click on the Windows ‘Start Menu‘ button to open the ‘Power Menu‘ (or just click on the settings in the ‘Start Menu’):
  • Then go to ‘Updates and Security‘.
  • Once open, look out for the ‘Windows Security’ option:
  • Click on the Windows Security button. Alternatively, just click on ‘Virus & threat protection‘.

Then follow Step 2 and onwards from above.

  • Alternatively type “Windows Security” in the search bar and follow the steps from the top.

And there you go! I hope this post has helped you somewhat, friends. If you’re looking for more posts on Windows Security, then you might want to click on these posts:

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