How To Screenshot On Windows 10

If you’re unsure how to screenshot something you like on Windows 10, then you’re in luck. Just follow these instructions and you should be good to go. There are different methods though…

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How To Screenshot On Windows 10:

Screenshot With The Windows Game Bar:

One way to screenshot on Windows 10 is to press the ‘Win’ + ‘G’ Keys which brings up the Game bar and then to click on the “Take Screenshot” option, the icon usually would be round with a camera in it. However it’s quite time consuming to do this everytime and who’s got time for all that.

Oh! and at this point, the Gamebar looks like this, it changes its interface quite a lot, so maybe you’ll find the ‘Capture’ option at a different spot as more updates roll out.


The Screenshots taken with the Gamebar will be saved to the ‘Captures’ Folder which is inside the ‘Videos’ Folder (A Folder in a Folder, that’s like folderception.) 🤔🤣

The second would just need you to press down on the ‘Win’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Prtscrn’ Keys and screenshots it directly, but this only works if you’re in a game or app, which means that if you’re on the Desktop (Your Homescreen) you won’t be able to screenshot unfortunately,  which brings us to the next method…

How To Screenshot With The Windows Snipping Tool:

When using the snipping tool on Windows 10 you’ll be able to adjust a portion of the image and save it as such without needing to save it into apps like ‘Paint’.


The snipping tool may be changed to the ‘Snip and Sketch’ app so I’ll be giving steps on how to screenshot with both.

First, I’d like to show you how to use the snipping tool then I’ll show you the snip and sketch method:

Using The Snipping Tool:

  • Open the app either through the start menu or type it into the search bar.
  • The screen will then be ready to snip, so all you need to do is drag the area of your screen that you’d like to capture.
  • Once open you’ll see the “New” option, you’ll want to click on that.
  • Then to save you need to select ‘File’ and select ‘Save As‘ at the top of the new snipping tool box that will pop up or just press the ‘Ctrl’ + ‘S’ keys and with that you’ve just “snipped” your first snip!


If you want to delay the snip, there’s a option for that. It allows a delay for up to 5 seconds. The “Mode” option allows you to pick the shape of the snip, whether it be a Free-Form, Rectangular, Window or Full-Screen Shape.

Using The Snip And Sketch App:

  • Almost the same as snipping, but with a different interface and if that confuses you I’ll help you out:
  • If you click on the “New” option your screen will dim itself and on top you’ll find the shapes from left to right. The shapes would be Rectangular, Freeform,Window and Full-Screen.


The down arrow next to the “New” option will provide you with a option to delay the “snip” just like the snipping tool.

  • You can then select the area you’d like to snip and then you’ll get to draw on it, crop it and more.
  • To save it all you need to do is click the Floppy disk icon or hit ‘Ctrl’ + ‘S’ to save.
  • You can also share your snip if you want, it’ll be the arrow icon on the far right and if you click on the three dots you’ll get the “print” option and more.

Other Methods:

  • Windows‘ + ‘Shift‘ + ‘S‘ Keys = Allows you to take a screenshot, but needs to be pasted into a app such as Paint. This means that it’s not a direct screenshot and you’ll need to save it manually.
  • Windows‘ + ‘Prtscrn‘ Keys = Saves a direct screenshot and can be used to take a screenshot of the desktop which Gamebar can’t do. Images are saved in the ‘Screenshots’ folder inside the ‘Pictures’ folder. (Folderception…)
  • The ‘Prtscrn’ key alone takes a screenshot of the whole screen while the ‘Prtscrn’ + ‘Alt’ keys captures only the immediate window open in Windows. Both need to be pasted into an App.

With that you’ve learnt how to take a screenshot on Windows 10. I hope this post was informative. Take your time, take it slow and feel free to check out some of ComputeeZAs other posts friends.

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