How to Upgrade Your Seagate FreeAgent External Drive

Upgrading your Seagate FreeAgent External to have more storage space is quite easy.

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If you want to go from this:

To this:

I’ll show you how to do that in a few simple steps.


These few simple steps require you to open up your external enclosure to swap out the drives. So, without further ado, let’s go through the steps.

How to Upgrade Your Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Disk Drive:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Seagate FreeAgent Desk Enclosure (obviously)
  • Something to pry the enclosure open like a plastic stick (any sturdy something something would work)
  • A Hard Drive you would like to upgrade to (hopefully something that’s double the size of the one currently used)
  • A Screwdriver

Before you start with the steps, if you have your drive still plugged in make sure to eject it… like so:

And once you see this, it should be safe to remove the drive from your PC (I’m only telling you guys and gals this because I had a situation where I didn’t eject my drive and ended up having to format it and lose all my data.)

Opening the Enclosure:

  • So, using the “tool” push into the sides or back of the enclosure (Make sure you’re inserting the tool between the white and silver parts of the enclosure.)
  • Slide the tool around the enclosure unclipping each section.
  • Remove the Silver Top and you should see this:
  • All you need to do is pop out that silver box right there… like so:
  • And after that, you’ll need to look around for three square blocks, they’re basically just a cover for the screws and they hold the drive in place. Anyway… spin them out or remove the blocks and unscrew them if they’re eluding you.
  • Once you’re done there, you’ll need to unscrew the tiny screws in the front.
  • All that’s left to do is to remove the metal top and you’ll see something like this:
The Hard Drive TADA!!!
  • Once that’s done you either need to unscrew that Board there like this:
  • Or you could just slide your Drive out like this, be careful though:
  • Then all that’s left is for you to remove the last block/screw from that Drive:

Please, make sure that you have all your screws ready for your next Hard Drive:

  • If you have everything, then all you have to do is slide the new Hard Drive into the Board, but before you do that remember that one screw needs to go into that specific spot because it plays a part in keeping the drive stable in the enclosure.
  • Close her up and make sure that the top metal cover goes over the bottom:
  • Once you’re done, insert the screws and make sure you put the blocks over them (for stability).
  • Slide the metal block with the new hard drive back into place (that you have installed, good for you!) and close her up.
  • Once you plug the external drive back in you should see:

And with that you’ve upgraded your Seagate FreeAgent External to have more Storage space for all your Computer stuffies.

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