How to USB Tether With Android And What It Is

If you want to know how to USB Tether with Android, the steps are quite simple so I’ll show you down below.

If you’re unsure what USB tethering is, here’s a quick explanation: USB Tethering allows you to use your Android device as a Modem/Router essentially giving your Desktop/Laptop an Internet connection.


Some Smartphones may not support this option and apparently Mac doesn’t allow USB tethering through Android either.

Another Note:

If you have very little mobile data on your device you might want to switch on the metered connection option in windows to prevent apps and Windows itself from updating automatically.

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How to USB Tether with Android

  • The quickest way to do this is just to pull down your Notification Tab and select the Android System option:
Android System Option shown after the notification has been pulled down displaying "USB for file Transfer".
  • Once there, you’ll instantly come across USB tethering. Just enable that option and you’re ready to Tether.
Android settings displaying USB connections.

That method above is the way I enable USB Tethering. The normal way would be the same, but instead of selecting the android system option you’ll need to touch and hold your finger on “Mobile Hotspot” then turn on USB tethering from there.

Other ways would be to:

  • Head to your Settings:
Settings In Android device showing connections, display, notifications and the rest of the settings.
  • Then open up connections.
  • Select Mobile Hotspot And Tethering.
Connection setting in android displaying mobile hotspot and USB Tether with Android.
  • And you’ll find USB Tethering there.

If that’s still not what you’re seeing then use this method (quite similar like the rest, actually):

  • Again go to your Devices Settings.
  • Open up Network and Internet.
Settings in Android displaying Network and Internet, connected devices and more settings.
  • Then go to Hotspot and Tethering.
Android Network settings open displaying hotspot and Tethering.
  • Once there all you need to do is enable the USB Tethering Option and you’re all set!
Android Hotspot and Tethering option open displaying USB Tethering and more.

If the USB Tethering is successful you’ll most likely see something like this:

Windows Desktop with a Network Tab open the right side asking for permission to allow the network to be discoverable by other devices on the network.

And yes that is a wallpaper of God Eater, have tried the game but haven’t completed it as of yet, anyway…

If you want to know of the other ways to connect to the internet check out the post:

Different ways to connect to the Internet. Mind you that it does not contain steps but info instead.

Oh and if you want to USB Tether With iPhone instead then check out my post on that too.

Hope you guys and gals enjoyed the post!

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