Optimize Windows 10 Updates How to Use Less Bandwidth

Ever thought that Windows just takes too much of your bandwidth for its updates solely? I have and since I use mobile data for all my upload and download needs I kind of need to hold back on what uses my mobile data. Which is why I have to limit the amount of data it takes and with windows releasing updates constantly, it’s tough. But luckily there’s the option to Optimize Windows 10 Updates and if you’re in the same boat or maybe just want it to use less of your bandwidth then read on friends.

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How to Optimize Windows 10 Updates

  1. Open Settings
  1. Then click “Updates and Security
  1. You will see “Delivery Optimization” on your left-hand side. Click that.
  1. Once there look for “Advanced Options“, click on it.
  • And you’ll see a bunch of settings for you to tweak.
  1. From there you’ll need to click on the boxes you see before you, they are for limiting updates in the foreground and background. Both Download and Upload settings will have these boxes.
  1. Choose a percentage of how much you’d like to limit the bandwidth used for updates and you’re all done (make sure you have your own setting for both the foreground and background updates.)

That’s all!

The first thing that you’d want to limit is the download settings which brings updates to your PC itself. While the upload settings is mainly for uploading updates to other PCs on your network I’d suggest you limit this as well but only if you have multiple PCs running on the same network.

Background updates are updates that run ,well, in the background, it may or may not require you to consent to the update and may download automatically if your settings allow it.

A Little Note:

How much you’d like to limit the bandwidth for updates is entirely up to you, it depends entirely on your needs that’s why I have not given you a specific percentage, please don’t be mad.

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