PC Gaming. Diary Entry 1: What got me into it

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So, here’s the first blog post… um, let’s rather say rant in the Diary Entries category. Well, yikes it feels like the pressure sure is thick in here. Phew! Okay calm down. Well… Wow I probably say “well” a lot on the site but oh… well. PC gaming has been something that has let’s say transformed my life in a good way.

Why? Because of all the things that it has to offer and no I’m not just talking about the easily available pirated games that you, I mean me, I mean we got. *Ahem* So the games that we may or may not have access to free of charge is not the main reason (*wink wink) that I myself have decided to stick to PC.

It’s because PC gaming…

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Is simply fantastic in itself. From the plethora of games that are either store bought or downloaded. Every game just feels like home, as if they were designing it for your PC specifically even though it might not be. Mind you there ARE some PCexclusive games out there. There are so many options as well when it comes to gaming on your PC. Would you like to play with a controller or keyboard and mouse? Would you like to play VR games or would you rather play with the joysticks of old?

The choice is all up to you! And it doesn’t just stop there.

There have been plenty of other ways to enjoy gaming in every single way that might pop into your imagination and what seems like fantasy might even be real! Look at VR gaming, we’ve waited for a while, I’ve even thought that VR wouldn’t become real in my lifetime but surprise, surprise it did.

Just like that!

But let’s not just talk about the games itself because the rest of your PC has so much to offer. A gaming computer itself is a blessing in disguise since it gives you, the user, so much freedom. With a computer not only could you game but you could even say… run a website *hint hint*. (And yes, I know you can do this from smartphones these days but bear with me.) On a PC everything just seems a little bit better. Would you like to create art? Maybe you’d like to create music? All of this is possible on a PC… with the right equipment and software of course.

But I’m getting off track a little so let’s head back to why PC gaming is just so good.

Customizing your PC

The other good bit about it is that you get to customize your Gaming computer in any which way you want to. I know you can customize consoles too and there’s some sick looking skins out there for controllers and consoles but when it comes to hands on customizing, I’d like to say decorating the PC takes the cake. Please don’t hate me console gamers, I love consoles too.

Imagine your PC lighting things up like this.

So as for actually changing the look of your beast, there’s tons of ways to do it. Even a simple change through adding LED lights could make your PC pop. You’re most likely to see the phrase “RGB” a lot in your PC building experience. And there’s almost a RGB version of every PC component that you could get your hands on. Which makes the experience even better, heck when you’re done with it, you could probably light up your entire gaming room with your PC alone creating that romantic dinner light for you and your oh so beautiful & blushing PC bride to be. And yes, it be like that. Your PC will be there till death does it go in parts.

PC Cases

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Besides RGB lighting, you will also find yourself being equipped with an array of PC cases. Well, the ones that fit your motherboard to be exact. Trust me on this, once you see those cases, they’ll have your mouth watering.

Not to say that you won’t find that one case that fits you like a nice suit. You’re actually more likely to stick with one case for the rest of your life but there are so many cases to choose from.

I’ve seen quite a few in my time, from ones that look like actual planets to ones that look like Decepticons in hiding.

They are among us.

Not only that but you could find yourself looking at the keyboards and mice the same way as well. There is some freaky stuff out there.

Inside the monster…

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Speaking of freaky, you should see the components inside! It might seem like the inside of your case will intimidate you but once you get acquainted with the parts and get to know them individually, I am sure you will see them as delightful little friends each with their own unique personality. Best part is that you get to choose those parts… wisely aided by research of course. Each component would give your PC the boost it needs and the better the component the bigger the boost. That is if your motherboard is compatible with it though.

I know many of you would rather head down the console path because it’s all about plug and play but trust me there is fun in building a whole gaming device from the ground up with your own two hands. If I could compare, I’d say it’s something akin to Lego building if you were a kid.

Only this time you’re grown up and this time the Legos are grown up as well. Assuming you are a grown up and even if you aren’t, that’s cool too. You’re never too young to learn some things. And if you’re still not into building your own PC then you could just get a prebuilt gaming PC from stores. There’s your plug and play right there! All you have to do is start up the PC, install the games you want and there you go, it’s ready to play.

Okay, so let’s get back to how I started with PC gaming since I seem to have forgotten to mention it earlier because of all the rambling. Be prepared though, there might be more rambling on the way. You are warned.

My Secret: I was a console gamer. Yes, I know: “Oh, the betrayal!” But gaming on PC was THAT good for me.

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Let me tell you a little secret…. I used to be a console-only gamer too. I know right? It might come to you as a shock but I was crazy about consoles. In fact, I had so many games for each console that I was at a loss with which game to finish next. And if you’re wondering where it all began, I’ll tell you. It started with one of those 8-bit game stations that I can’t even remember the name of.

Then it went to a more advanced retro gaming station that used cartridges in which I played games that had Mickey and Goofy involved, Mario, Sonic and TMNT.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

After that I turned to the side of Sony. Eventually becoming engrossed in the Crash Bandicoot games. Oh, and don’t forget about Jak and Daxter, Croc too. This eventually had me buying into a PlayStation 2 and the various games that you could jump into. It was games like Kingdom Hearts that made the biggest impression here for me. Ratchet & Clank too. Of course, don’t forget about the Grand Theft Auto series. There were others to catch my attention but they somehow can’t come to mind at this moment of writing.

Not just PlayStation

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After my Sony phase I moved onto Microsoft’s console and the first to come into my grasp was a Xbox360. It came with two controls, a disc with a few arcade games such as Pac-man, and a 128mb memory card. Yes, that specific 360 was part of the first line of 360s therefore no builtin hard drive and nothing slim to its look.

Photo by Luca Nardone on Pexels.com

Standard as far as it goes but it was fun nonetheless gaming through late nights on that bad boy. One game worthy of the title “Awesome!” would be Gears of War. In fact, the entire installment of Gears was awesome and I started with Gears 3. Then somehow decided I needed more. So, I played 1 and 2 once I got my hands on the discs. Besides Gears, Forza was another to stand out but if I’d want to find some fun and catch the cartoon game train, I would always play Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts with friends. Let’s admit it games on console were so much fun until…

My friend introduced me to PC Gaming.

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Yes, the downfall of my love for the console was not random. In fact, it felt like it was destined to be because as soon as I laid my eyes onto the magnificence that PC gaming was, I was hooked. It wasn’t the games themselves but more the feeling of the PC that had me hooked. Heck I even stayed the night and gamed till the birds were chirping throughout the morning and then had an unexpected twist to my story.

I think I played a little too much that time because as soon as I headed home and decided to snuggle up to my bed, it hit me. I was like a freaking zombie.

It was nothing new though. There had been quite a few occurrences where I would game a little TOO hard and have regretted it later. Only a little though because after I recovered, I’d be back at it again. So, after I recovered from the feeling of undeadery I had, guess where I went. Back to that same friend for a second round of awesome gaming.

And let me just say this I am utterly grateful for his introduction between me and PCs because I’ve never gone back. Oh, and I forgot to mention this but I was in high school at the time so I had no way to buy a gaming PC of my own however with all the games I had stored up I was able to sell and make just a little bit cash.

The Sacrifice

It wasn’t enough though. I still only had dreams of a Gaming PC.

Although I had a normal one at the time gifted to me by a family friend. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected accident with the motherboard leaving me computerless. I’ll tell you about that occurrence if you’re willing to read about it in another post. Let’s name that post Diary Entry 2: The day I destroyed my motherboard.

If you’re the curious kind I’ll give you a little sneak preview as to what happened. Say a bit of thermal paste found its way into somewhere it was never meant for. What kinds of things do you think could happen when you try to clean it out of there? Let’s just leave it at that for this post.

So, one day I decided that if I wanted my own PC, I would have to be willing to trade in. Eventually sacrificing my Xbox360 to the calls of sale. This trade in would see me with a Pentium DualCore, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a Gigabyte Gt730 2Gb DDR3 coupled with a 1TB Hard Drive. Okay, admittedly it wasn’t even good enough to be called entrylevel. It worked for me though and I found some great gaming moments out of it. Once I got my hands on it, I never went back.

Gaming was then my top Priority. Not like it wasn’t before though.

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I juiced out every single bit of power, if there was even any to begin with and kept on gaming. Games like Devil May Cry, the one by Ninja Theory, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 and similar titles had me gaming till the sun shined in the mornings of early. But enough about me, let me hear about your story. How’d YOU start gaming on PC and even on consoles. I’d love to hear your part of the story. C’mon, I’m interested and here to listen.

So put down your gaming journey in the comment section and let’s get to know about you gamers out there. Don’t be shy.

By the way if you’d like to build a gaming PC there is a post on this site for that.

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