Pentium Dual Core Gaming – G3220. Diary Entry 3

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To this day I wonder how many games I have played in total on the famous Pentium DualCore that I continuously mention on this site.

I mean it was of great importance since it set the pathway to gaming for me. It might not have been highend, heck, it wasn’t even close to entry level but it did the trick for a few years and I’m grateful for that alone.

How’d it start?

One of my entries to this category explains the whole ordeal of my journey to PC Gaming but I’ll leave it to that post alone. All I’ll say is that PC gaming drew me in and if it weren’t for the friend who brought me into the light then I probably would say till this day that Console is my one and only platform to game on but now I’m a bit more… open minded.

Gaming on a Pentium Dual-Core

Now a lot of you might say that a Pentium Dual Core is nowhere near good enough to game on. You may be right.

However, for me, I’d say it reaches that sweet spot. And that sweet spot would have your games playable at least. Sure, you won’t reach 120Fps on it these days.

In fact, even back then it probably wouldn’t have reached close to that. But it sure did the job in holding its own with select titles such as Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed: Black Flag, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and so on.

Even running later titles and more. Now, of course it wasn’t running those titles alone. It had help from both the 4GB of DDR3 RAM and Nvidia Gt730 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card that I had at the time.

The funny thing about these specs is that they don’t even bring enough power to be called entrylevel right now.

And yet… they were able to play titles mentioned above. It’s not bragging just… let’s say bewilderment from my end.

If you want a more visual experience…

Watch a few of these videos off YouTube:

*The last video shows GTA V, Battlefield 4, Outlast 2, Project Cars, Cup Head on the G3220.

There is a difference in the videos though, like the specs and settings. But one thing remains constant and that’s the use of the Pentium G3220. Again, it’s not the best but might get the job done.

The Pentium Dual-Core does have its drawbacks however…

It could become even better. With an upgraded GPU let’s say maybe an GTX 1080 or better, throw a little more RAM into the mix and you’d have a somewhat decent gaming computer.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not powerful at all and I would definitely recommend you head for something of a newer generation with more cores instead of just two.

But if you’re looking for a budget gaming PC then I would say that a Pentium Dual Core might be okay. Just okay, not good, not great but okay.

It is old after all and has only 2 cores. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot but it will only take you so far and as games are becoming more resource intensive they will require more cores, more juice and more advanced technologies that newer processors might provide.

Specifications of the Pentium Dual-Core G3220

Product CollectionIntel® Pentium® Processor G Series
Lithography 22 nm
Code NameProducts formerly Haswell
Vertical SegmentDesktop
Processor NumberG3220
Number of Cores2
Number of Threads2
Processor Base Frequency3.00 GHz
Cache3 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Bus Speed5 GT/s

And if that wasn’t enough info or maybe you’re more of a techie then Intel has a full spec sheet for the Pentium Dual Core – G3220.

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