PS4 Safe Mode. What it is and how to boot into it.

For those who have never heard about the PS4 safe mode. Or never had a reason to use it, I can say congrats! Why? Because that would mean you would not have needed to fix errors only safe mode could fix. So again, that’s a good thing.

But since you’re here let’s dive into what the safe mode is and how to boot into it…

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What the PS4 Safe Mode is.

It is a special tool or rather let’s say boot menu that allows you to perform actions that would fix certain issues.

For instance, when you need to rebuild your ps4 database, into safe mode is where you’d want to go. Or if you need to update your system software through means of a USB, that too you could do in safe mode. It even allows you to perform a factory reset if that is what you want.

It is quite a powerful tool indeed therefore you should use it with caution lest you accidently erase your data on your PS4.

Explanations on all the options.

Option 1: Restart PS4

Does this really need explaining?

It just restarts your PS4 like the normal “Restart PS4” option does. Yep, nothing special.

Option 2: Change Resolution

This option allows you to manually set your resolution when your PS4 cannot automatically detect the correct resolution or when you’re having a problem with the display that might leave you with a black screen and more worries than you need. This might happen on older TVs but is not limited to them.

Option 3: Update System Software

This little option helps with updating problems. Whether you are unable to update due to slow internet, a blocked console or if you just like to do things manually, this option was meant for you.

Option 4: Restore Default Settings

The choice behind lucky door number four resets it back to the factory default settings and does not delete your saved data from your drive.

Option 5: Rebuild Database

Rebuilding the database reorganizes files and folders on your PS4 and also deletes any corrupt files. This option might help with some errors such as the CE-34878-0 error. It may even fix lagging, slow menus, long loading times or crashing.

Recommended: Rebuild PS4 Database. What it does.

Option 6: Initialize PS4

Deletes everything on your hard drive, basically a hard reset/ format. Deletes all your user data and saves too. Do this if you have backed up your saves to the PSN Cloud Storage. Or if you want to erase everything on your console and start anew.

Option 7: Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

It is the same as option 6 although with this option it also removes and reinstalls the system software. This option is safe too, if you’re wondering

Option 8: Set HDCP Mode

Disables or enables High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

HDCP is a digital signal protection system to make sure that you don’t pirate content on your console.

How to access Safe mode

  1. First shut down your console by:
  • Holding in the power button for a few seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Accessing the Quick menu then hovering over the Power Option. Once there you should see the option to turn off your PS4.
  1. After powering down, hold the power button in for at least 7 seconds until you hear two beeps.
  1. Once you hear the two beeps let go of the power button and it will ask you to plug in your controller with a USB cable.
  1. Connect the USB Cable and press the PS button and you would be taken directly into the Safe Mode.

And that’s it. Hope this helped. (^-^)/

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