Rebuild PS4 Database. Steps on how to do that.

To rebuild your PS4 database is quite a simple task. But first let’s find out what it is…

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What is the PS4 database?

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The database on your PS4 basically consists of all the information and files cluttered into one. And since it’s cluttered, you’d expect it to be a mess, right? Yeah, that’s not too far off from the truth.

Once things in the database start to get a little hectic and disorganized your system as a whole could suffer. Lagging, slow loading times, crashing and other errors are what suffering would mean. Corrupted files might be part of the package too and we don’t want that now, do we?

Reasons why the database could become corrupted?

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  • Shutting the system down or restarting it improperly while it was doing something important like let’s say a system update could very well cause destruction… okay, maybe not destruction but it could definitely cause a hiccup in the database. Errors would probably accompany the failed update as well.
  • Software errors that introduce certain bugs might also corrupt your database.
  • Damaged/ faulty internal drives could be a contributor to a corrupt database. In this case you might want to get the drive checked out first before anything else.
  • Besides those three things mentioned above there are a few other ways where the database could see itself to corruption through network errors, driver problems or other faulty hardware.

What happens when you rebuild the PS4 database?

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Rebuilding your PS4 database reorganizes all the files and deletes unneeded corrupt files so that the system can access the right files as intended.

It does not reset your entire system and your data would still remain so if you were skeptical about it before just know that it is perfectly safe. The only problem you might come across is the waiting time when the database is being rebuilt.

My database rebuild took about 60 seconds but it may vary depending on the number of files and data present. It may even take a few hours.

Steps to rebuild PS4 database.

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To get to the “rebuild database” option you would first have to boot your console into safe mode. To do this:

  • Either shut down your console using the controller or the power button.
    • To shut down from your controller, hold in the PS button at the bottom of the controller to access the Quick menu. Then hover over the “Power” option. After that select “Turn Off PS4“.
    • Shutting down using the Power button is even simpler. All you have to do is hold it even for a few seconds.
    • Both of these options will cause the PS4 LED to blink as it shuts down.
  • After powering it down, you’ll have to hold in the power button for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps.
  • Once those two beeps sound off you can let go and it will take you into safe mode.
  • For the next step grab a USB cable and plug in your controller then press the PS button on said controller.
  • After you have done that select the 5th optionRebuild Database” and press X.
  • Once you’ve done that it will begin rebuilding your PS4 database. All you have to do now is wait.

And that’s all for this post! Hope it helped. (^-^)/

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