How To Scan For Viruses With Windows Security

Windows Security (formally known as Windows Defender) is a built-in Anti-virus program in Windows itself. To use this program is quite simple, but if you’re struggling to maneuver around it you can rely on this post for help. It does scan automatically for threats, but if for some reason you’d want to know how to … Read more

How To Disable Windows Defender In Four Easy Steps

Ahh so you want to Disable Windows Defender to install a crack for a software or game huh. Just kidding friends. For whatever your reasons are, disabling Windows Defender (currently known as Windows Security) could allow you to do a bunch of things that might help you (or entertain you) which is why I’d like … Read more

How To Exclude Files From Windows Defender

Sometimes Windows Defender picks up certain files as threats and makes them unusable eventually quarantining them if not already quarantined. Maybe it sees the file as a trojan, virus or other type of malware while it’s just a regular ol’ software that you want to install. If you’d rather have that file remain usable for … Read more