The Tomb Raider Trilogy (Reboot) is now free.

If you haven’t played any of the Tomb Raider games, now might be a good chance to start. And start on a good note because The Rebooted Tomb Raider Trilogy is now free in the Epic Games Store. Well, free until 6 January 2022 and I know I’m late in posting this but please forgive me. The Trilogy has been free since 30 December 2021 which is why the much-needed apology is there.

If you have an Epic Games account and want to jump in on this goodness, do it while the clock is ticking. The Trilogy comes completely free with no hidden fees and no catch. Oh, but it does come with all DLCs though which is a sweet bonus.

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The Tomb Raider Trilogy consists of:

The Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider is the first in the series, well, the first in the reboot.

A new take on the Tomb Raider franchise, this version of Lara is inexperienced and yet to brave the harsh days of the tomb. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be able to develop her raiding abilities though.

In this game Lara goes through challenges and trials on a mysterious island with animals, humans and the rest of the island’s inhabitants trying to kill her. It certainly will be a tough journey ahead. However due to her grit and tenacity she plows through, learns new survival skills and becomes just a bit of the Hardened Veteran we know her to be.

The installment certainly gave me chills as I played it and I would definitely recommend this game to Tomb Raider veterans and newbies alike. The game sports new features such as an open world map, weapon upgrades, gear crafting, outfits, action, action and more action. It is more of a survival game when compared to previous games in the franchise but I think that’s just what gave it a bit of flare.

Again, I highly recommend this game whether you’re a Tomb Raider beginner or a hardcore Lara Craft fan.

So, make sure you start your Tomb Raiding soon.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, we see Lara diving into secrets of her past to help her uncover yet another lost and ancient artifact. Oh, and the Ol’ lost civilization yet to be rediscovered cliche is here as well. And just because I said the word cliche does not mean the game is predictable. The games action and story might have you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be entertained.

There are certain things that have changed in this one and it makes all the difference, some changes more noticeable than others. Lara for one is older, more experienced, more enemies are trying to kill you, so more action, the graphics are better, crafting is now a on the run feature, there are also different weapons, gear, outfits and attainable skills. Laras survival abilities are also more improved helping you to gather resources and survive in Siberia where this sequel takes place.

The challenges that Lara face are certainly different this time around but at least this time she has a little more experience under her belt and is a bit more battle hardened then before.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

What we see in the third installment is a Lara who has faced her fair share of battles, has returned alive and became something else, being all too familiar with killing to survive.

The finale to the series also sports even more gear, skills, enemies and the like.

  • The map is three times bigger.
  • Quests received are longer, some even having more parts to them.
  • Outfits are now more customizable in a sense where you could mix and match separate parts.
  • There are new survival skills such as focus mode, endurance mode and perception mode.
  • Weapons are also different in this one, for instance Lara now has fear arrows. They make your enemies go crazy and are just one example to Laras new arsenal.
  • Stealth plays an even bigger role and Lara has new ways to be more of a sneaky sneak with new mechanics such as using mud to become less detectable and hiding in vine walls.

It’s another great installment in the Tomb Raider Saga, so make sure you give it a play.

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Get your hands on all three games while you can

While it’s free make sure you get it in the Epic Games Store. It’s simple, just sign in to your Epic Games Account, search for the game and hit ‘Get it‘, then download, install and play.

It’s really a great trilogy that I wouldn’t mind playing again. Remember the Tomb Raider Trilogy is only free until 6 January 2022.

Let’s just hope I finally write a review for all of them.

Who knows when I’ll actually write an in-depth review for all of them but here’s hoping.


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