USB Tether With iPhone Using These Simple Steps

USB Tethering gives your Computer an Internet connection through a USB Cable using your mobile data while doing so.

If you want to do that using an iPhone then all the better because you’ve come to the right post on our blog. Down below are steps to show you how to USB Tether With iPhone.

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Steps To USB Tether With iPhone

The steps are quite simple/easy and won’t require alot of thinking to implement them.

On Windows:

  • First, you need to download and install iTunes on your PC. Reason for this is that iTunes has the drivers needed for the connection between your PC and iPhone already built into the app.
  • After downloading and installing iTunes.
  • Open up your iPhone’s ‘Personal Hotspot’ from its settings which you can access from the normal homescreen:
Personal Hotspot setting enabled in iPhone.
  • Connecting your iPhone to your PC with a USB Cable is next.
Instructions in iPhone settings showing how to Connect with a USB Cable.

Once your device shows that you’ve been connected to your PC with the Personal Hotspot option activated, you should get an internet connection on your PC. If you’re wondering if it’s working… look at the bottom right of the taskbar, an icon like this one will show:

Blue network connected icon due to a USB Tether With iPhone.

In case your device still doesn’t show, open up the ‘Device Manager‘ either through the Power Menu (on Windows 10):

Desktop in Windows 10 showing the power menu and all its options while only the Device manager option is highlighted.

Or enter it in the Search Bar:

Device manager typed into the Windows 10 Search Bar.

Once the ‘Device Manager’ is open look for your iPhone, right-click on it and select ‘Update Drivers’. Your device should show up then, if not try a restart to see if it’s up and running after the reboot.

iPhone update driver option highlighted in the device manager on Windows 10.

On Mac

  • Open Settings.
  • Then ‘Personal Hotspot’ and enable it.
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB Cable.
  • Head to your Menu Bar.
  • Click the Wi-Fi Icon.
  • Select the Network Preferences Option.

Once there you’ll see your iPhone saying USB connected.

iPhone USB option highlighted in blue.

Just in case it’s not showing add it with the + icon and then add your iPhone to your network.

That’s all you need to know, hope this helped!

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