What Are the Different Keyboard Types and Their Uses?

Hi… hello… Hi. @Aly here and right now we’re going to talk about the Keyboard. They are the second most important (if not most important) tool used in the computer world.

There are more than just one type of keyboard and you’re probably wondering how many types exist and if there is a difference between them. Which brings us back to the title… What are the different keyboard types and their uses? Let’s get to it.

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Keyboards… A Plenty

Gaming Keyboard

‘What is a gaming keyboard?’ you might ask yourself. Well, my friend, it’s a keyboard used to game. (end of post.) I’m just kidding.

A gaming keyboard is specially designed for gaming enthusiasts and people that like shiny things that light up… Oooooh.

This type of board brings about various functions such as keys that have a LED backlight which can be reprogrammed and customized by its user. If you want to change the backlight to purple you can most definitely do so.

It also has a special feature of being able to reassign the functions of each key to suits your needs.

Aaaaaand… there is the other super ability that is available to gaming keyboard wielders and that’s the extra key rollovers that it brings.

The key rollover that is available here is not just limited to 1 or 2 like common keyboards, but to a minimum of 5 and up. This means that the keyboard will be able to handle more keystrokes before it stops registering the input. In simple terms it would be able to handle a little bit of a button mash.

A teeny tiny heads up … these types tend to go for quite an amount of cash if you ask me and would only be an option if you really want to up your gameplay.


Who doesn’t love wireless technology? It is less likely to be in the way, doesn’t get tangled and it’s less likely to make you trip and fall on your face.

Wireless keyboards allow you to type at a further distance than the regular wired board would. Unless… you just decided to use that long wired keyboard that you bought for the heck of it.

There is a downside though, they need to be charged or have their batteries replaced. Depending on the battery it might even last for weeks or months, but ones that need a pick me up are often seen running out of juice more often.

There are two ways to connect to your device with these types, whether it be through Bluetooth or a wireless receiver that could be plugged into your computer.

Bluetooth serves as a means to connect to devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and more. If you have a Bluetooth receiving device in your PC then that works too.

The wireless receiver however acts on a different technology than Bluetooth. It uses a broadcasting technology close to Wi-Fi to connect to your PC and is also called RF (Radio Frequency.)

Mechanical Keyboard

Responsive and durable as an add-on. Mechanical keyboards are quite sturdy and offer a much faster response time than regular ones due to their mechanisms within.

They use a thing called a Key Switch which literally triggers another switch and sends a signal every time a key is pressed. Mechanical keyboards also use springs that allow keys to return to their original state.

These springs help to induce smoother keystrokes. Which in turn makes it nice to touch.

They make it easier to type faster and game harder, but with less effort and pressure put onto the board itself. Sounds all good right?… but they do bring about quite a racket than the conventional keyboards and they do come at a hefty price.

They are quuuuuite expensive when compared to the old membrane keyboard.

Membrane Keyboard

I guess you could call them normal keyboards? Ever had an M key or N key fall out and you’re left wondering what that cushion underneath the key is? Yes, that’s its membrane.

They use silicone or rubber to provide that pillowy effect which in turn makes them oh so sensitive.

Luckily, they are as soft as a baby’s botto- uhm… cushions I mean? Which is why membrane keyboards are less noisy than its mechanical counterpart.

They have layers like an onion and that would be the membrane layer on top, the inner layer in the middle and the bottom membrane layer.

These layers have conductive pieces that allow each command to be activated when you press down on one of the keys, but even with these fancy layers they still have a problem. Like… unresponsiveness at times when you haven’t pressed the key all the way.

All in all… *sigh*… These keyboards are cheap and reliable. That’s why they are so well liked all around the world. I mean they’re not gaming keyboards, but they get the job done. And if you want a gaming membrane keyboard be prepared to pay quite a buck for them too.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Weird and sort of warped at times, but totally needed if you suffer from the dreaded old type wrist. These keyboards bring about a more relaxing and comfortable design. They are meant to prevent you from putting strain on your body, fingers, hands and to bring comfort where it is needed.

Magic Keyboard

It’s a keyboard for apple devices and connects automatically to a Mac computer with its Bluetooth capabilities. Nice, sleek and Rechargeable too.

Flexible Keyboard

Sorry I couldn’t find a picture for this but here has a cupcake.

Really portable and good for an On- the- Go user. Small in size, lightweight and actually fun to play with.

Similar to a regular membrane keyboard, but made with silicone instead as well as some membrane parts. Due to this, a flexible keyboard is also waterproof/spill resistant.

Another nice little advantage that these babies have over other regular keyboards is that they’re more silent than the rest.

There you go! Just a few of the many keyboards that exists in this world. Some not mentioned have the ability to make you go ‘WTF?’ to ‘Woah!’

I hope this post has helped you in some way to identify which keyboard you possess or would like to possess.

Thank you for reading

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