Mousey, Mouse. What is a mouse? How does it work?

Welcome dearies! My name is @Aly. ‘Mice’ to meet you. This post will be fixated on the most important input device to accompany your PC… the mouse.

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Blurred background of a hand typing on a laptop while the emphasis remains on a black wired mouse.


(Not to be confused with the animal.)

A computer mouse is a small hand held object that helps the user to navigate and interact with the computer.

A white arrow situated on the screen called a ‘cursor‘ will assist with identifying interaction. It’s easy to use, just point and sh… I mean click. Hehe. Moving on…


Just a few basics:

  • Mechanical
  • Optical
  • Wireless
  • Touchpad

The Mechanical Mouse

Bottom view of a mechanical mouse with the rubber ball removed and on display all against a white background.
Mechanical Type

This little guy is the first of its kind. The mechanical mouse has a rubber covered metal ball inside and if this ball rolls towards any direction, the sensors will pick up the movement causing the cursor to mimic it.

The Optical Mouse

White wired mouse with an emphasis on the wire being portrayed with a regular backdrop.
Optical Type

An optical mouse uses a light-emitting diode (LED) and importantly a light detector to detect movement. This genetically improved breed has replaced the older mechanical mouse DNA in later years.


Wireless Gaming mouse and orange-tinted sunglasses sitting on top of a white laptop which rests on a wooden table.
Wireless Type

The breed without a tail… Due to a change in genetics. In a nutshell, wireless mice are optical or mechanical but without a cord or wire connecting it to your PC.

A Universal Serial Bus (USB) receiving device gets plugged into your PCs USB port, creating the wireless illusion.

Black wireless mouse with a red trim next to its receiving device displayed against a white background.
Wireless Type And Receiving Device

Wireless mice functions with the use of Bluetooth connectivity and even the likes of radio frequency. Which in turn allows you to interact with your PC from a distance longer than what a mouse with a cord allows you to.

The Touch pad

Blue and pink light shining over a  Laptop displaying keys with an emphasis on the trackpad/touchpad.
Touch Pad/Trackpad

(Sigh… No Mouse jokes)

Like a mouse, this too is an input device for a computer, u it was originally manufactured and built for laptops.

This device works when the users finger movements are sensed by applying slight pressure into the pad.

The touch pad is a rectangular shape with the scale of the laptop screen. Not only is this rectangular design used in laptops, but is now also used with computers. Quite impressive if you ask me.

The way a computer mouse works will all aid in attraction to the user as well as preference. And in conclusion there are different mice, but they all have the same purpose.

There you go!

A quick read. I hope this post will be able to help you differentiate between the various types of mice breeds out there.

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