What is a Pagefile And Why You Shouldn’t Disable It

A Pagefile is virtual memory that your PC uses as a kind of secondary RAM, it uses your Hard Disk Drives storage space as the memory and reduces the strain on your physical RAM itself by handling some of your systems’ workload.

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How It Works:

A pagefile is a hidden file on your system, is a .SYS extension and can usually be located on your systems’ drive that has Windows installed or could be found on any drive that you have enabled the Pagefile option for.

With more applications being opened/run, your RAM will not be able to handle it and will reach its limit. Once it reaches that point it would need help from something and that help would come from a Pagefile.

The RAM moves the applications or programs to the Pagefile, passing the workload onto it and making more Memory available for the RAM itself.

The Pagefile is handled regularly by Windows itself and shouldn’t be a bother. However, if you’d like to increase the amount used for the Pagefile you can do so by following these steps:


Normally it’s not required to increase the Pagefile unless you’re coming across problems such as specific crashes that occur even though you have the required RAM and errors like; ” Your system is low on virtual memory” or a blue screen showing “KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR”. If these errors occur then my suggestion would be to try and increase your Pagefile size to see if that fixes things.

How to Increase Your Pagefile Size:

  • You need to be Logged into your admin account for this. (If you only have one account, no worries… that’s probably your Admin account.)
  • Right click onto the “This PC” or “My Computer” option then click “Properties“.


You can also head on over to the Control Panel and select the “System” option. If you can’t find “System” try changing the “View” of the icons to “Large Icons” or “Small Icons”.

  • Click on “Advanced System Settings” on your left.
  • Once there head to the “Advanced” Tab.
  • After that click on “Settings”.
  • And once the “Performance Options” box opens up, on the “Advanced” Tab you’ll see “Virtual Memory” as the last option.
  • Click “Change”
  • A “Virtual Memory” Box will open up. You will need to uncheck the box that says “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.”
  • Choose the drive you would like to use as a Pagefile. Default would be in most cases your C: drive which is fine.
  • Then, click the “Custom size” option and enter how much drive space you’d like to allocate to the “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size” in MB (Megabytes).
  • Once that’s done it will ask you to reset your PC and you should be done!

Disabling the Pagefile:

If you’re thinking about disabling the it think again, because what’ll happen to your PC might bring some worries to you. Once your Physical RAM reaches a point where it gets overloaded with apps it’ll run out of memory and would cause apps and maybe even your system itself to crash.

If the Pagefile is enabled this would not happen, because it makes the work lighter on your RAM and in that it also frees up more Memory for other things maybe even increasing your PCs speed a little.

I personally have tried to increase the Pagefile to increase my performance in games. It works, but not by much and would have not been needed if my PC was good enough.

(May you R.I.P Pentium Dual Core, you will be missed). *Sigh. Let’s get back to things.

Yes… maybe you have enough RAM to sustain your computer without a Pagefile. IT IS DOABLE, but without one and not enough memory, things will run slower.

Eventually things crash and might render certain apps or games unusable due to some apps requiring a certain amount of memory for Paging itself. (Yep… some apps are picky like that.)

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