What’s new with the PS5 controller?


The PS5 has its own set of improvements but we’ll talk about that in another post. What we came to talk about is the improvements that has been brought upon us with the PS5 controller and we’re not just talking about a fresh new look. The features we found are the:

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New Look of the PS5 controller

Photo by Kerde Severin on Pexels.com

Of course, we had to talk about the new look, it’s what caught our eye in the first place. It has a new twotone look that you might have seen in white and black but is not limited to those colors as more colors might bless us with their presence yet. The design of the controller has seen quite a few other changes as well, such as its Xboxlooking transformation. It’s a bit bigger and even rounder than the PS4 version and no I’m not controller shaming, I actually like the look. The new PlayStation home button on the front is quite noticeable as well.

Some attributes are still similar to its predecessor such as the placement of its touch panel and joysticks. However, the light bar has moved its position to sit on top of the touch panel so that’s different. The change of the lightbar means there is no PSVR compatibility but with a VR headset or other compatible VR controllers such as the PSVR Aim gun or the PlayStation Move wand you’d be able to play VR once again.

Moving on, the charging port is a USB TypeC one so you could charge it as easily as you would charge your phone.

Other noticeable differences include the clear plastic on the buttons and Dpad providing a new sleek glassy look with firmness to boot. This means that you’d no longer see your buttons in green, pink, red and blue. (Goodbye iconicness *sad, sad noises*).

And if you look at the joystick, you’d see they’re quite… smooth. However, they are sturdier than previously seen PS controllers.

Looking at the triggers you’d see them with longer and thicker handles. The grip on these babies is textured allowing for a nice feel combined with an indescribable firmness. Sweat is no threat when it comes to these babies.

All in all, the controller feels quite sturdy in ones hands

Improved Battery

Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar on Pexels.com

Who doesn’t love improved play time? With this controller you might get somewhere in between 10 to 12 hours of play time. As opposed to PS4 controllers that would last up to 8 hours. This improvement is warmly welcomed I’d say.

Adaptive Triggers for a more immersive experience

Adaptive triggers, some might say, are a big improvement to controller technology. It’s what provide a different “feel” to the L2 and R2 buttons in certain situations. The level of force feedback and tension the controller would push out would vary depending on the situation each PS5 gamer is in. For instance, such situations might include when a player is pulling a bow in a fps or when the player drives through mud. The button would become harder or easier to press as the situation changes.

Haptic Feedback

The controller also comes with in-depth haptic feedback which was created by Nintendo’s Joycon HD Rumble. It is a vibration technology that provides precise dynamic vibrations in the whole controller for each situation happening on screen. Like when driving through mud you’d feel it’s quite different then when driving through snow.

This is due to the “highly programmablevoicecoil actuators present in the dual sense controllers which is the same tech used in speakers allowing for vibrations that create sound. This makes the vibrations far more accurate.

Combine that with adaptive triggers and we’re already on our way to a more immersive gaming day.

Built-In Microphone on a PS5 controller? Heck yeah!

If you see you’ve landed yourself in an online multiplayer battle and didn’t have enough time to grab your headset, fret not. The PS5 controller has been equipped with its own microphone array, mono speaker and a mute button. Although the quality of the mic might not be what you’re looking for so a headset would still be recommended.

Look at the bright side though, this still gives you the ability to easily talk to other players without a headset. Nice!

“Create” Button replaces the “share” button

The success of the “share” button has caused the “create” button to be, well, created. It’s in the same position as its predecessor but comes with something new on its own, a creation studio tool. The tool offers each player with more creative ways to take control of their gaming content, creating and broadcasting their creations. More control over our screenshots and recorded vids? I say yes to that!

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