Windows 11 Widgets? Yes, they’re back.

Windows 11 has widgets? Yes, widgets are back and they’re a little different from what we remember. They have changed drastically from the Windows Vista and Windows 7 widgets that we know of and if you continue to read you would find out more about this new change.

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What’s a widget and what’s new with Windows 11 Widgets?


Widgets are basically small apps that float around your desktop showing tiny bits of information and they were similar to android widgets in a way. Or they were until Windows 11 was introduced.

On Windows 11 these widgets or ‘gadgets‘ as they were called a long time ago have been changed to a widget menu. The widget menu holds both the widgets and news feed.

*It is now directly accessible by clicking on its icon on the taskbar.

Difference between Widgets and News Feed in the Widget menu.

The news feed displays the news based on your preference and looks like this:

News Feed in Windows 11 Widget Menu

While the widgets look like this in the image below:

Widgets in Windows 11

They can be removed or added depending on your needs.

To access the widget settings just click on the ‘add widgetsbutton and click on which widget you would like to see from there on out. If you would like to remove them, click on the icon with three dots then click on remove widget‘. As simple as that.

Here’s a list explaining what the current widgets are:

Family Safety: This widget gives you quick access to the recommended family safety settings. And once set up would allow you to check the recent activity from your Microsoft family group members.

Watchlist: The watchlist allows you to monitor stock values and also allows you to change which stock values appear

To Do: It’s a simple to do list which allows you to see your tasks and mark them.

Tips: A widget that provides helpful tips on using Microsoft’s software.

Weather: This widget provides weather information for your area for the next three days.

Outlook Calendar: Lists dates and upcoming events in the widget menu.

Photos: Displays all the images that are linked to your Microsoft Account.

Sports: It shows current scores and is customizable to show which leagues and teams show up in the widget menu.

Esports: Similar to the sports widget except it display esports results and matches instead.

Traffic: Using a small map this widget shows the traffic conditions in your specific area.

It’s not much but hopefully the Windows 11 Widgets will improve over time

For now, all the widgets available are Microsoft’s own. But let’s hope Microsoft will improve the widget menu. Maybe by adding more widgets and functions as time goes on and new updates are released.

Widgets are only one new feature of Windows 11 though.

For more information on the features of Windows 11 check out the Windows 11 Preview post on this site.

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