Xbox Series X Controller. What’s New?

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Xbox controllers might have been the usual go-to for most gamers out there. (Excluding PlayStation lovers or generic controller users like me.). But we’re more likely to see wacky controllers being rolled out quite often these days. It might be a bit hard to keep up with what’s new so that’s why this post exists. To help show off the new features of the Xbox Series X Controller. So, what’s new exactly? I would like to say a lot but…

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Xbox Series X Controller Features

Quite the resemblance.

You might have seen that the controller looks quite similar to its predecessor and it is. The controller probably would give anyone the impression that things have barely changed. However, it is a bit smaller with a few visible tweaks here and there such as the D-pad, the share button and a matte finish.

If you have been using Xbox controllers for quite some time you might notice the difference. But for those who rarely play with Xbox controllers, they might be left thinking: “Is there really a difference?”

It’s the inside that matters after all. I’d like to say that, I really would but when we’re talking about tech, both inside and out matters.

Buttons and Triggers that’s about it…

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Multicolored buttons give you a bit of nostalgia. While the analog sticks are textured to provide extra grip. The DPad has changed from being plusshaped to a concave circle with a plus sitting on top of it. In the middle of the D-pad sits a small square that you could rest your thumb… I guess? Besides being shaped that way, the D-pad is less like the 360s oddly soft D-pad and more like a hard clicky counterpart that’s precise with each press or …click?

The rest of the buttons give off the same feel but that just means each press of a button will help you know you actually pressed the button… yes, it happens.

The clicky bits aren’t the only things that give you a more precise gaming situation. The triggers and bumpers are rougher and more textured so that you won’t have any slip-ups. What’s more the triggers are stiffer and harder to press giving you a more realistic feel when cornering in racing titles for instance. Other than that, there’s not much to discuss here sadly.

Okay maybe there’s a bit more to the Xbox Series X Controller

The controllers are backwards compatible, in fact cross-compatibility between Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles/controllers are now a thing.

Not only that, you’ll now be able to play on other devices such as your PC and mobile devices because of Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) technology which allow you to pair with each device more easily. Add onto that, that it also remembers each device it’s paired with and switching between devices should come without a hiccup.

Last thing that might be worth a mention is that the charging port now uses a USB Type-C charging port instead of micro-USB one.

To be honest…

It’s maybe just a tiny bit annoying that no big new advancements have been made for the Xbox Series X controller like with the PS5 Controller with its new haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers. Even then we’ll take what we get and I’d be happy with it nonetheless.

Let’s be honest the Xbox One controller was already great to begin with. Maybe Microsoft saw this and thought: “Why fix something that’s not broken.”

Though if you pit the Xbox Series X controller against the DualSense controller there is a bit of a gap in technological advancements.

If you’d like to see what’s new with the Ps5 controller then head on over to that post.

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